BluFlux is Hiring.

See an Antenna Challenge… Solve It.

See a Career Opportunity Like This… Seize It!

Remember that moment?

Maybe it was when your E&M classmates all started asking you for help with their homework…

Or when you cut your first antenna from its PCB panel and fired it up in your own RF design.

Or when your antenna design professor recruited you to join the antenna research group.

Or when the grey-haired antenna guru at your first job handed you an RF design challenge and trusted you to take it and run with it.

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At a certain moment, you realized that you’re good at RF design.  Ever since then, you’ve been building your engineering career on those skills.

You’ve heard other people call RF design “black magic,” but you know that’s not the real story.

Electromagnetic behavior is determined by physics.  You know the physics of antennas.  You harness physics to deliver RF performance.

If this is you, then here’s a rare opportunity for you to design antennas, run challenging RF design projects, and help build a growing technology business.

Working at the BluFlux lab in Louisville, CO (next door to Boulder), you’ll have modern CAD tools, instrumentation, and an on-site anechoic chamber at your fingertips. You’ll design, fabricate, tune and test antennas and RF systems using the following RF technologies:

  • 5G millimeter wave communications
  • Real-time location system technologies
  • RADAR antennas and systems at UltraWideBand (UWB) and millimeter wave frequencies
  • Cellular devices
  • RFID
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth

In addition to customer projects, BluFlux also develops in-house technologies for wireless systems.

BluFlux success over recent years has led to growing demand for our design services.  To keep up with demand, we’re adding an RF Project Engineer to our growing team.

If you love designing antennas…

If you are hungry to tackle the next generation of wireless design challenges

And if you do your best work as part of a team where everyone shares your commitment to delivering high-performance results…

… then keep reading.

As a BluFlux RF Project Engineer, you’ll design active and passive antennas and RF systems.  Plus you’ll also lead the project teams that transform your designs into prototypes and final products.

BluFlux Project teams include Industrial Designers, Mechanical Designers, Electronics Engineers, Software Engineers, and experienced Electrical and Mechanical Technicians.

Together, we’ll guide your RF designs all the way through FCC and carrier certification and into production.

When you’re running ahead of schedule (which you do from time to time), you’ll have the opportunity to stretch your capabilities beyond just RF design work.  BluFlux engineers teach and encourage each other to pick up new skills so you can address any electrical or mechanical design challenge that might interest you.

When your workload increases because you’ve got several concurrent projects, you’ll be able to delegate tasks to experienced teammates who share your commitment to getting the job done.

And when questions or challenges arise, your teammates will always be ready and willing to jump in to help out.

BluFlux serves customers of all sizes – from kickstarter startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Working at BluFlux, you’ll gain experience across a variety of industries and corporate structures as you become an integral member of our team.

Your career will grow as you take on even greater technical responsibility, business responsibility, or both.

If this is the kind of opportunity you’re looking for, then contact us now for an interview.

If you get the job, here’s a description of the next big step in your career:

RF Project Engineer

Objective: Deliver RF and antenna designs to meet customer and project requirements for performance, cost, and schedule.


  • Design *active and passive* antennas and associated RF circuitry and systems.
  • Build, tune and test antennas and system performance of your designs.
  • Design electronic, mechanical, and/or software systems according to experience and interest level.
  • Collaborate with project teammates to ensure technical and business requirements are met for every project.
  • Lead the estimation of time and resource budgets for internal development and external customer projects.
  • Manage projects, including allocation of personnel and test equipment resources, to deliver project objectives within schedule and budget.
  • When acting as Project Manager, direct the efforts of fellow team members to ensure project success.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelors degree and at least 3 years’ professional work experience in antenna RF design, or equivalent training and work experience.
  • Demonstrated experience and facility with
    • RF design software tools, including Ansoft HFSS, CST, Microwave Office, and Matlab
    • RF Test Equipment, including VNA, Oscilloscope, Anechoic Chamber
    • PCB Layout software, including Altium Designer
    • Fabricating and testing antennas
    • Planning and interpreting OTA testing for Cellular and/or WiFi applications

Additional Skills and Experience That You Can Also Contribute:

  • Electronic Design
  • DSP Algorithm Development
  • Software Development (embedded, web, and mobile)
  • Software-Defined Radios
  • Antenna Arrays
  • Experience achieving FCC product certification
  • Cellular carrier and PTRCB Certification experience
  • Realtime Location Systems, especially UWB-based
  • Biometrics
  • Contract Manufacturer Selection and Management

As you know, there is only a handful of top notch antenna design teams in the world.

BluFlux’s capabilities are in demand, but our standards are high.  We normally only add one or two antenna designers to our team each year.  If you want a place on a team that is designing the next generation of wireless systems for dozens of new products every year, this is your chance.

To apply, send the quick form below.

RF Project Engineer Application