BluFlux is Hiring its next Engineering Project Manager

Help Launch The Next Generation Of Wireless Products

And Grow Your Career in the Heart of the Rockies

You’re an experienced engineer and leader, and you’ve launched wireless products.

As an engineer, you want to solve every product development challenge you face.  

You feel a spark of excitement when the underlying physics of a project become clear and understandable.

As a leader, you cut through BS and bureaucracy to help your teammates get the job done.

Here’s your chance to take your technical and leadership skills to the next level – a wireless product development dream job in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

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You deliver results… Well, at least most of the time. You’ve made your share of mistakes, and you’ve owned up to them.

Over time, you’ve learned valuable lessons not just about science and leadership, but also about the importance of being a team player.

In fact, that’s the only way you want to play the engineering game now – as part of a strong team.

Because the right team… plus effective leadership.. will accomplish more than a solo engineer ever can.

You love figuring out challenges. Not just technical challenges, but business challenges, too.

Sometimes you chuckle at yourself – at how seriously you take this stuff… but you just do.

You take pride in a job well done.

You slow down and ask questions when requirements are fuzzy – so you can clarify what results the customer really needs.

When you present results to a customer, you give your teammates credit.

When unexpected problems come up, your first instinct is to ask yourself “Why did this happen?”

Then your next step is to take extreme ownership of any problem and get it solved.

You are true to your ideals, and you are continually growing as both an engineer and a leader.

If that sounds like you, here’s your chance to step into your perfect job.

In your new role as an Engineering Project Manager at BluFlux, you’ll both lead and learn from your fellow engineers – we’re experienced technical specialists and entrepreneurs who are committed to doing excellent work and building a great team.

You’ll play a major role in building a growing technology business that develops antennas and electronics for a variety of consumer and industrial wireless products.

In addition to supporting our customers’ product development, the BluFlux R&D team evaluates and demonstrates advanced RF technologies for our own product development and for several Fortune 100 Technology companies.

BluFlux is hiring an Engineering Project Manager to keep up with the growing demand for these services and projects.

The successful candidate will apply their engineering degree and experience to

  • the successful completion of wireless technology R&D projects
  • the successful launch of customers’ wireless products
  • the growth and success of our business

You’ll shepherd and streamline the development of a variety of wireless technologies and products.

You will be given clear performance objectives and responsibilities to support the growth of the business and ensure successful project execution.

Sound like fun? Then read the job description below, and apply now, because we’ll be filling this position as soon as we find the right person.

Job Title: Engineering Project Manager

If you are hired as the next BluFlux Engineering Project Manager, your position will begin with a primary focus on successful project execution.

Your secondary objectives will include supporting sales staff and overall company growth.

As you demonstrate your skills, you will have the opportunity to grow your responsibilities in the areas you choose.  Your career progression could include technology development, sales, management, or all three.

Read the following summary of your initial objectives and responsibilities as an Engineering Project Manager at BluFlux.

If this describes your dream job, apply now.

Objectives and Responsibilities:

Primary Objective: Guide successful project execution
Responsibilities: You’ll act as project leader, main customer contact, and primary liaison between the project customer and the BluFlux lead project engineer as well as your other project teammates. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Ensure successful delivery of the customer’s needed results according to agreed project schedule and budget.
  • Maintain project plans and resource utilization forecasts.
  • Guide technical staff to provide clear technical results documentation.
  • Compile technical documentation into crisp, clear, and convincing customer presentations.
  • Identify and address risks.
  • Communicate with customers to promptly address risks and discover additional needs.
  • Lead screenshare and in-person reviews with customers to communicate results.
  • Support customers’ integration of BluFlux results into customers’ products to ensure successful customer product launches.
  • Communicate kudos and issues about team members to their personnel managers in order to support accountability and career growth of all project staff.

Secondary Objective: You’ll support sales staff throughout the proposal process. 
Responsibilities: Ensure that project plans are structured and defined to:

  • deliver customers’ desired results
  • deliver target gross margins

Third Objective: You’ll support overall business growth by helping to streamline operations and by connecting project results and lessons learned with the overall business and its objectives.

  • Balance the need to maximize project profits with the requirement to ensure high customer satisfaction.
  • Identify and help sales staff to capitalize on opportunities for follow-on and repeat business.
  • Identify and help marketing staff to capitalize on opportunities for customer testimonials and referrals.
  • Identify opportunities to improve efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction, and help the company capitalize on those opportunities.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in an engineering discipline
  • At least 7 years’ professional work experience in electronic product development, with at least 3 years of active involvement in the design and release of wireless products
  • Successful customer-facing work experience such as
    • Project Management
    • Product Management
    • Sales
    • Customer Support
  • An interest in playing a major role in growing an entrepreneurial startup technology company and taking on increasing responsibilities commensurate with your abilities as the company grows

Additional Skills and Experience That You Can Also Contribute:

  • Sales
  • Antenna and RF Design
  • Electronic Design
  • DSP Algorithm Development
  • Software Development (embedded, web, and mobile)
  • Experience achieving FCC product certification
  • Cellular carrier and PTRCB certification experience
  • Realtime Location Systems
  • Biometrics
  • Contract Manufacturer Selection and Management

As you know, there is only a handful of top notch wireless product design teams in the world.

BluFlux’s capabilities are in demand, and our standards are high.

If you want to join a team that is designing the next generation of wireless system for dozens of new products every year, this is your chance. Click here to apply now.

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